Shikon® Original Rock N Roll Samurai Towel
日本国内のお客様は コチラ(日本語対応)

This design features the rock and roll samurai spirit. The towels are made in Senshu, located in Osaka with 130 years of history. It is characterized by its fluffy texture due to soft processing, and its surface is raised by hot air to increase its volume. The fabric has excellent sweat absorbency, so it can be used as a support item for your motorcycle life. If you find the inside of your helmet stuffy in the summer, you can use it inside the helmet to absorb sweat, or you can use it as a substitute for a scarf or mask if you want warmth in the winter.

We are going to wrap your towel in traditional Japanese noshi-gami (熨斗紙)and deliver it to you.
Noshi-gami means wrapping paper for a present. (see the third image).

In Japan, as far back as the Edo period (1603-1868), it was customary for people such as kabuki actors, rakugo storytellers, and sumo wrestlers to give hand towels dyed with their family crests or original designs as New Year's gifts. This was a thoughtful gift of a fresh towel for the new year. Later, this custom spread as a part of the Japanese culture to the people engaged in business. In keeping with this custom, our logo and character designs are printed on the towel.
Printed in Japan

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cotton 100%

approx. 860mm (33.9”)X 340mm (13.4”)


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Shikon® Original Rock N Roll Samurai Towel

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