Shikon® YAMAHA SR400/500 Muffler ”Riot Rod 605"

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What is the Shikon
”Riot Rod 605"
”Riot Rod 605" for the YAMAHA SR 400/500 which has just been released by Shikon. Speaking of the SR, this has been a long selling item for more than 40 years since its launch in 1978. It has always been popular as a base model for custom-built motorcycles, hasn’t it? So, this time, I would like to promote this to you… ”Riot Rod 605", the 100% stainless steel exhaust pipeIt’s impressive isn’t it? Normal SR400/500 exhaust pipes are only 43mm(1.69") in diameter. Exhaust pipes for the SR are available everywhere throughout the world. BUT, as far as I know, the 60mm(2.36") version is only available from our company. Also, because it’s integrally-molded, you don’t have to worry about exhaust leakage from the joints at all. Imagine how impressive it will be, when you install this to your motorcycle. It’s only limited production of 100 units worldwide.

Fits for YAMAHA SR400 1978 - 2008、SR500 1978 - 2000 models. 
Refer to "Notes" for SR400 2001 to 2008 models.
Fuel injection models after 2009 cannot be installed.

We chose sus304 stainless steel. The outer diameter is 60.5mm(2.38”), inner diameter is 57.5mm(2.25") and thickness is 1.5mm(0.059").  This all satisfies Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).  It is a straight through pipe which has a focus on impressive appearance and efficient flow. Speaking of stainless steel, there are different grades specified with numbers in the three hundreds and four hundreds. The 400s stainless steel are known for not being resistant to heat and for rusting easily. So I don’t recommend these. That is why we chose the 300s austenitic stainless steel, sus304. This is the same stainless steel which is used for cookware such as pots. So, as it has high resistance to heat, you can see how suitable it is for exhaust pipes. 

Surface Finishing
The next is about the mirror finish buffing. Look at this. How shiny it is! Craftsmen are finishing them off one by one very carefully.  Of course, ”Riot Rod 605" is reliable because it is made in Japan. 

Another thing I must tell you is about the weight. Because it is a straight through exhaust pipe, it is obviously light. Lighter is better, isn’t it? Well surprisingly, the actual weight is only approx. 2.0kg(4.41lbs). Normal YAMAHA SR 400 exhaust pipes are usually approx. 7.2kg(15.87lbs). It is only 28% of a normal exhaust pipe weight. 

Inner silencer (
Optional parts)
Two different types of inner silencers are available as options. Because there is no hole in the exhaust pipe for fitting, drilling will be required. Shopping site is here.

We uploaded the sound movie to YouTube (click here !).

Please Note
*If you have the emission control model of the YAMAHA SR400 (2001-2008) and are concerned about backfiring, you can use the AIS cancel plate which is available on the market.
*Carburetor setting may be required in some cases. Please ask someone who has sufficient knowledge about the setting. 
*If you would like to use a center stand, please use a center stand stopper which is available on the market. 
*Because this product is for racing, it’s not approved under the vehicle inspection program.
*There might be a slight difference in the tone of colors because of some reason such as the lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc.

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Shikon® YAMAHA SR400/500 Muffler ”Riot Rod 605"

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