Terms & Conditions

NISCOM JAPAN (the "Company") and the Shikon Official Online Shop provide services (the "Services") to any person who uses this website for purposes including browsing and making purchases (the "User") in accordance with these Terms of Service ("Terms"). Purchasing any product or service via the Shikon Official Online Shop (the "Website") will constitute consent to be bound by these Terms. Accordingly, we ask that you read the contents of these Terms carefully.


Article 1: Registered Users

1. A Registered User is an individual who has applied for registration upon consenting to these Terms in accordance with the procedure established by the Company.

2. Registered User Information is information concerning the attributes of the Registered User as disclosed to the Company by the Registered User, and information such as records concerning the Registered User's transactions.

3. These Terms apply to all Registered Users. All Registered Users must abide by these Terms during the registration procedure and after registration.


Article 2: Registration

1. Eligibility for Registration

Users who have undertaken the designated registration request procedure and have consented to these Terms will be eligible to become registered users after completing the designated registration procedure. The user registration procedure must be undertaken by the individual who wishes to become a Registered User. Under no circumstances will registration by proxy be approved. Registration requests from persons who have had their registration eligibility revoked in the past or any other persons deemed by the Company to be unsuitable may be refused.

2. Entry of Registered User Information

When undertaking the user registration procedure, please read all notices regarding the entry of information carefully, and enter the required information accurately on the designated entry form. When entering Registered User Information, it will not be possible to use special characters, old-style Chinese characters, or Roman numerals, etc. When characters of these types have been entered, the entered information will be revised by the Company.

3. Password Management

(1) The Registered User's password may only be used by the Registered User. It may not be transferred or loaned to any third party.

(2) We ask that you, as a Registered User, take responsibility for the management of your password. This includes taking measures to prevent others from gaining knowledge of your password, such as changing it on a regular basis.

(3) Any declaration of intent made with regard to the Company with the use of the Registered User's password will be regarded as a declaration of intent on the part of the Registered User. Any and all resulting payments, etc., will be the responsibility of the Registered User.


Article 3: Changes to Information

1. In the event of changes to any of the Registered User Information that has been provided to the Company, including name and/or address, the Registered User must notify the Company promptly.

2. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of the failure to update registered information as required. Please be aware that, even if the registered information has been updated, any transactions for which the required procedures were undertaken prior to the update will be completed on the basis of the information as it was entered prior to the update.


Article 4: Loss of Eligibility for Registration and Responsibility for Damages

1. If the Registered User has made a false statement during the process of applying for registration or has failed to fulfill the obligation to provide payment for products or services purchased online, or in the event that the Company has cause to judge the user to be unsuitable as a Registered User, the Company reserves the right to revoke the user's eligibility as a Registered User.

2. In the event that the Registered User has engaged in conduct as defined by any of the following, the user will be responsible for all damages that the Company has suffered as a result.

(1) Improper use of Registered User Number or password

(2) Interference with the Company's operations committed by accessing the Website to falsify information, uploading harmful code to the Website, etc.

(3) Conduct that infringes upon the intellectual property rights associated with any product that the Company carries

(4) Any other conduct that violates these Terms of Service


Article 5: Handling of Registered User Information

1. As a general rule, the Company will not disclose any Registered User Information without the prior consent of the Registered User. However, in any of the following cases, the Company may disclose Registered User Information or any other information pertaining to its customers without prior consent.

(1) Cases in which disclosure is required by law

(2) Cases in which disclosure is judged by the Company to be necessary in order to protect the Company's rights, interests, or reputation, etc.

2. The Company manages Registered User Information in accordance with the measures described in the Company's "Measures for the Protection of Personal Information." The Company may use Registered User Information for the purposes of providing services to the Registered User, improving its services, promoting the use of its services, and maintaining the proper, uninterrupted operation of its services.

3. The Company reserves the right to provide information (including advertisements) to the Registered User through its email newsletter or with the use of other methods. If the Registered User does not wish to be provided with information, the Registered User may provide notice to that effect with the use of a method specified by the Company. When the Registered User has done so, the provision of information will cease. However, the provision of information that is necessary to the operation of the Services cannot be ceased at the request of the Registered User.


Article 6: Prohibitions

When using the Services, the Registered User is prohibited from engaging in conduct as described by any of the following.

1. Violating any law or ordinance, these Terms, any warning relating to the use of the Services, or any warning relating to shopping with the use of the Services, or breaching these Terms, etc., in any other form

2. Harming the rights, interests, or reputation, etc., of the Company or any third party

3. Engaging in conduct that carries the risk of adversely affecting the physical or mental well-being of a young person, or engaging in any other conduct inconsistent with social standards

4. Engaging in conduct that inconveniences or causes discomfort to another user or any other third party

5. Entering false information

6. Uploading, sending, or posting harmful code or emails, etc.

7. Improperly accessing the Company's servers or other computers

8. Lending or transferring a password to a third party, or sharing a password with a third party

9. Engaging in any other conduct judged by the Company to be improper


Article 7: Intellectual Property Rights

Regarding copyrights, trademark rights, and all other intellectual property rights, all intellectual property rights pertaining to designs, products, and logos, etc., including trademark rights, design rights, image rights, and copyrights, belong exclusively to the Company and/or Shikon. Any use that involves downloading, reproducing, renting, loaning, transmitting, or displaying, etc., any content to which the aforementioned intellectual property rights apply in full or in part without the consent of the Company or Shikon is prohibited by law. The sale or compensated distribution of any material that appears on the Website is also prohibited by law.


Article 8: Suspension, Interruption, Etc., of Service

1. In order to maintain the good working condition of the Services, the Company reserves the right to suspend the provision of the Services in full or in part without advance notice in any case in which any of the following apply.

(1) Cases in which the suspension of service is necessary in order to perform scheduled or unscheduled system maintenance

(2) Cases in which the system is excessively burdened

(3) Cases in which it has become difficult to operate the system due to reasons such as fire, power outage, or interference by a third party

(4) Any other case in which the Company has judged the suspension of system operations to be necessary and/or unavoidable


Article 9: Service Alteration/Cancellation

The Company reserves the right to make appropriate alterations to its services, or to cancel its services, in full or in part, at its own discretion and without advance notice.


Article 10: Disclaimer

1. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages relating to the interruption, rescheduling, suspension of services, loss of data, or unauthorized access to data that may occur as a result of damage to systems such as communication lines or computers, or for any other damages suffered by any Registered User in relation to the Company's services.

2. The Company provides no guarantee that the email content sent from its webpages, servers, or domains, etc., does not contain harmful content such as computer viruses.

3. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages suffered as a result of any violation of these Terms, etc., by any Registered User.


Article 11: Revisions to the Terms of Service

The Company reserves the right to revise these Terms at its own discretion, and to establish terms that supplement these Terms ("Supplemental Terms"). Any revision to or supplementation of these Terms will take effect when the revised Terms or Supplemental Terms are published on the website designated by the Company. In such cases, the Registered User will abide by the revised Terms and the Supplemental Terms.


Article 12: Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

In the event that a dispute concerning these Terms has arisen, the Tokyo District Court will be designated as having the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.